What is Docs4Lawyers?

The Open Source Document Management System for Law Firms.

Docs4Lawyers is an out-of-the-box document management solution for small firms and a scalable and flexible platform for large firms.  It is free to download, quick to install and simple to use on a desktop computer, laptop or network server.

Docs4Lawyers has all the main document management features, is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with all desktop applications, including office and e-mail.  In addition, it incorporates a specific adaptation for use by legal professionals, like commonly-used legal metadata fields, a client and matter management module and matter-centric favourite folders.

Electronic document management is not a new concept for many law firms and by building on these well understood functional priniciples Docs4Lawyers delivers the first open source platform specifically designed for the legal market.

Objectives of Docs4Lawyers:

Provide all main features

  • generic document management services:- versioning, check-in/out, history, security, categorisation and full-text search.
  • easy to use:– intuitive web-based interface and seamless integration through the windows shared drive into any desktop applications (e.g. windows explorer, email, office, acrobat).
  • legal adaptation:- client/matter management module and folder system, legal-oriented document metadata fields, my favourite client/matters.

Reduce the complexity of implementation

  • easy to evaluate:– downloadable from http://www.docs4lawyers.com, with accompanying manuals and documentation.
  • easy to deploy:– no software installation on the end-users PC; supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS; integrates with all desktop applications.
  • easy to integrate:- supports industry standards and protocols; integrates with Microsoft desktop and other software packages (backup, time and billing, document comparison, fax, scanner, website design tools etc.).

 Reduce the cost

  • lower aquisition costs:- in the absence of expensive up front software licences, the total cost to implement the system is significantly reduced.
  • quicker return on investment:- resulting in a quicker return on investment than other traditional products.
  • lower total cost of ownership:- integrates with existing infrastructure, easy to extend, evolve, deploy and maintain.  Freedom to choose server and desktop software.

Better support and services

  • service is centrestage:– since the technology is free, suppliers are valued on the quality of their support and services.
  • open forum and collaboration:- through the community portal, members can seek assistance, share experiences and make contributions.

1 Response to “What is Docs4Lawyers?”

  1. 1 ScottS August 4, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    I am absolutely impressed by all that I have read here. I am excited about moving into the evaluation. I look forward to sharing my experiences and giving back to the community.

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